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Cybercrime is now a consistent threat throughout the UK, resulting in massive losses for UK institutions.

Even the largest companies and organisations, collectively spending £billions on IT security remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Anti-Virus vendors have added many new defensive techniques over the years, yet they have not resolved the problem. Vendors can only play catch-up and therefore struggle to keep up with the huge amount of malicious code being introduced.

It is professionally estimated that over 300,000 new strains of malware and variants are written every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Cyber-attacks frequently feature in the news. NHS, Facebook, Yahoo, Tesco Bank, Talk Talk etc. These stories represent a fraction of the attacks happening daily.

The majority of these went unreported, for fear of reputational damage and the loss of customer confidence resulting in a reduction in shareholder value. This changed on the 25th May 2018 with the introduction of the latest GDPR legislation.

The attacks most featured in the media are ‘ex-filtration attacks’, where customer data is stolen or ‘harvested’ without permission. This can include bank details, phone numbers, addresses etc. These are then sold on, often to criminal gangs.

The attacks we don’t hear much about are Ransomware attacks. These are increasingly the cyber criminal’s weapon of choice. A Ransomware attack launches Malware into the heart of the IT Infrastructure, locking up the systems completely. The IT System will only be unlocked when a ransom is paid. The alternative is to lose all the data. Even when the data is backed up, the operational disruption is severe and the cost of restoring the system is significant. Many, many victims choose to pay. New ‘sleeper’ malware can lie dormant within the network until it has identified where all the backup files can be located before it strikes. If this happens, you have to pay or lose everything. No option. Ransomware is available to buy on the Dark Web and is GUARANTEED to work! The less sophisticated the targets defenses, the cheaper the malware required to achieve a successful attack.

Financial Institutions and PLC’s have the strongest cyber defenses. Local Authorities, Education Providers and Health Institutions have suffered resource constraints which have hampered their ability to keep pace, which unfortunately makes them much more vulnerable to attack. Last year’s attack on the NHS showed how a ransomware attack can cause huge disruption and take months to fully recover.

A new approach is required to the problem of protecting against all forms of Cyber-attack.

Abatis HDF is an innovative solution to the problems of protecting your data. It stops ALL Ransomware and Ex-filtration attacks. Your data and services are safe and therefore you can focus your attention on your organisations objectives.


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