Providing Peace of Mind

Moorbridge cyber security is the Preferred Abatis HDF distributor for the Local Government and education.

Our experience working in security and IT within Local Government and Colleges around the United Kingdom our aim is to provide peace of mind through securing company and personal data against cyber attack.

Our Process


Our team of Data specialists will visit in order to assess your requirements. This assessment is free of charge and holds no obligation.


We work in partnership with you to create an Abatis HDF installation plan based around your schedule.

Our team of experts will ensure a smooth professional installation of Abatis HDF.

We will work with you to create your custom HDF security policy, ensuring complete data protection.

Upon completion of successful testing with Abatis HDF, we will support your move to “block”


Our customers are our top priority which is why we offer free, comprehensive technical support.  Our highly trained and knowledgeable experts are at your disposal We work very closely with Abatis to ensure our team are ready to get you back on track, quickly.

Moorbridge Cyber Security

The Stables, Long Acre House
Fisher Lane, Bingham
NG13 8BQ

01949 485 303

10533178 : Registered in the UK

Preferred Public Sector Destributor

Case Study

A London market specialist insurance intermediary had a requirement of ensuring that its IT systems could not be compromised either by accidentally running malware or purposely as part of an attack on its IT infrastructure.

The insurance firm has found Abatis to be invaluable to the security of its network. It means that even with a critical exploit being found in a piece of running software, an unauthorised executable cannot be uploaded to its servers to give the attacker further enhanced or remote access to the network and the chance of ransomware being run is reduced to zero.

Straight Forward Pricing

A range of options are available.
12 months to 60 months Licences.
Discount for longer commitment.
Monthly/Quarterly payment Options.

  • Evaluation Licences
  • Volume Licences
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No obligation Assessment